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WeatherBug Widget for Mac OS X Dashboard Support

Below are answers to some common questions about the WeatherBug Mac Widget for OS X Dashboard. If you do not see your question here, please fill out a Support Request Form or visit the WeatherBug Forums.

How do I get the WeatherBug Widget for Mac?

You can download it here. Then follow the 'Installation Instructions'

How do I change the location of the observations?

When you first open the widget, it will prompt you for a ZIP Code. Then it will give you a list of the closest WeatherBug stations from which to choose.

If you find you want to change the location, simply click on 'i' in the lower right corner to flip the widget. It will again prompt you for a new ZIP Code.

How do I change the units of the temperature and/or wind speed?

Simply click on 'i' in the lower right corner to flip the widget, then click the 'Advanced' tab. Selecting the 'C°' will change the temperature to the Celsius scale and the wind speed to km/h. The 'F°' will select the Fahrenheit scale and mph.

Can I run multiple instances of the widget?

Absolutely. The widget was created so you can keep an eye on the weather in as many places as you choose. Simply open another instance of the widget.