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WeatherBug Google Desktop Gadget Support

Where can I get WeatherBug for Google Desktop?

Download the Google Desktop Gadget here. Follow the installation instructions on the page.

How do I change my location?

There are two ways to do this. You can either right-click on the gadget, and select ‘Options’ from the subsequent list. Or you can hover you cursor over the gadget until the down arrow and ‘x’ appear in the upper right corner above the gadget. Click the down arrow and select ‘Options’ from the list.

How can I simplify my gadget?

If the temperature and current conditions are all you want, simply hover over the gadget until and up arrow appears on the bottom of the gadget. Click this arrow and your gadget will minimize into a more compact size.

How can I uninstall the gadget?

If you are unhappy with the gadget for any reason, please let us know. Please be sure to select ‘WeatherBug Sidebar Gadget for Google as the appropriate product, so we can respond as promptly as possible.

To uninstall the gadget, simply right-click on it and select remove. This will remove the gadget from your Google Sidebar.