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WeatherBug Alert Support

Below are answers to some common questions about the WeatherBug Alert. If you do not see your question here, please fill out a Support Request Form or visit the WeatherBug Forums.

How do I get WeatherBug Alert?

To get WeatherBug Alert, simply visit http://station.earthnetworks.com/desktop-weather/severe-weather/weatherbug-alert.html and click the 'Download' button. Follow the installer instructions and soon you will be receiving real-time weather alerts and temperatures near your PC clock.

What is WeatherBug Alert?

WeatherBug Alert provides weather alerts on your computer as they are issued by the National Weather Service. It will also provide the live temperature for your neighborhood and beyond — all near your PC clock. With one click, you will be given access to the WeatherBug.com Web site including the hourly and extended forecast, the latest radar and satellite images, weather and traffic cameras and more.

How do I change my weather data units from Fahrenheit to Celsius, or visa versa?

Simply right-click on the temperature in the tray and select ‘Options.’ This information is listed under ‘Select Your Weather Data’ at the top of the box.

How do I change the color of the temperature in the tray?

Right-click on the temperature in the tray and select ‘Options.’ Select the ‘Click to change tray color’ button. The subsequent screen will have many colors pre-selected; however, you can create your own custom color by selecting ‘Define Custom Colors.’

I would like WeatherBug Alert to notify me of more/fewer weather alerts. How do I change this?

The default setting is ‘Alert Level 3,’ which means WeatherBug Alert will only notify you of:

  1. Severe Thunderstorm Warning
  2. Tornado Warning
  3. Flash Flood Warning

To change this, simply right-click on the temperature in the tray and select ‘Notification Settings.’ The slider bar on the subsequent screen will let you choose what level of alerts you would like to receive.

How do I change the selected location and/or tracking station?

Right-click on the temperature in the system tray and select ‘Change Location.’

If you would only like to change the tracking station within your location, simply click the ‘Search’ button. The will unlock the ‘Select Your Station’ drop-down.

If changing the location, simply enter the new location within the first entry box to the best of your knowledge. If in doubt of the correct spelling of a country or which state the city resides, simply enter the city name so WeatherBug Alert can narrow the search down for you.

For optimized searches, search U.S. locations, you can either type the ZIP Code or the ‘city, state’ making sure the state follows the standard two-letter postal abbreviations (WI, CA, FL, etc). For international locations, simply enter the ‘city, country’ making sure to spell the country to the best of your knowledge.

Please Note: Currently, WeatherBug Alert does not account for separate provinces within a country. For example, if searching for Vancouver, British Columbia, WeatherBug Alert will only recognize Vancouver, Canada.