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Mobile Weather for WAP 2.0 Mobile Phones Support

Below are answers to some common questions about the WeatherBug Mobile Weather for WAP 2.0 Mobile Phones. If you do not see your question here, please fill out a Support Request Form or visit the WeatherBug Forums.

Which mobile phone companies support the WeatherBug Mobile WAP 2.0?

WeatherBug's Mobile Weather for WAP 2.0 service is currently available for Verizon and Nextel customers. Check back in the coming weeks as we add more carriers to this list.

Which Verizon Wireless phones support WeatherBug Mobile Web 2.0?

Currently, WeatherBug Mobile Weather is available to Mobile Web 2.0 subscribers on the following phones:

  • LG VX 4500
  • LG VX 7000
  • LG VX 8000
  • Motorola T720
  • Samsung A650

New phones are added all the time, so check this page, your local Verizon dealer or www.verizonwireless.com for more information.

Which Nextel phones support WeatherBug Mobile Weather?

Currently, WeatherBug Mobile Weather is available to Mobile Web 2.0 subscribers on the following phones:

  • Motorola i850
  • Motorola i860
  • Motorola i605
How do I save my current location/tracking station?

Once you have entered your location, your settings are saved to your phone and you will be brought to the "Home" screen upon return. To change your location at any time, choose #6 - New Location.

How many locations does WeatherBug provide weather information for?

WeatherBug has tracking stations in every state across the county. This private network of over 8,000 stations is in addition to the national weather service stations (over 1,000) that all other weather companies have access to.

This means a combined total of over 9,000 stations across the county - the world's largest weather network! Well over 40,000 individual locations are covered.

How will I know if there is a Severe Weather Alert for my area?

Once you have set your location, the home screen will display a red bar titled "Alert" under the temperature. Clicking on this bar will load the active alerts to your phone for viewing.

Because the WAP technology requires you to start your browser and view the WeatherBug content, alerts can not be sent automatically. However, WeatherBug does offer Mobile Alerts — an alert service that notifies you directly via text messages sent to your mobile phone when severe weather strikes anytime, anywhere. Subscribe here.

Does WeatherBug offer looping radar?

At this time, the WeatherBug Mobile Weather for WAP 2.0 mobile phones does not offer looping radar. However, check back for enhancements and new premium content.

I selected a station in my area, but the camera seems to be a few miles away. Why is this?

WeatherBug's network is over 8,000 tracking stations with over 1,000 cameras. Since every station does not have a camera, we automatically connect you to the next closest camera. Our camera network is growing every day, so check back for updated views.

How often are WeatherBug's current weather conditions updated?

WeatherBug uses the power of the Internet to connect directly to the over 8,000 automated weather tracking stations and 1,000+ weather cameras that make up the WeatherBug Network. Most of the sites in the WeatherBug Network are connected to a direct Internet connection so that local weather data is always reported live.

Some weather tracking stations are not yet connected to the Internet, but are linked to WeatherBug via a standard phone line/modem setup and polled at least once per hour. In both cases, WeatherBug repackages the data and sends it live out over the Internet to your phone.

I compared your data and conditions to another weather offering and your readings are different. Why is this?

Only WeatherBug uses live, truly local data. Unlike all other weather providers who rely upon hour-old airport data we insure you are seeing the most up-to-date information.

Other providers may list the results as from your ZIP Code or town, but in many instances the results are actually from the nearest airport, which may be 50 miles away or more.

In many parts of the country, the difference in conditions can vary widely due to terrain, storms, ocean heating, etc. We believe receiving data from your neighborhood station is the best possible data.

What does WeatherBug Mobile Web 2.0 mobile phones cost?

WeatherBug Mobile Weather for WAP 2.0 mobile phones is part of a complete package offered to Mobile Web 2.0 subscribers without additional charge.

How do I submit photos to WeatherBug from my phone?

You can submit photos by emailing them to photos@weatherbug.com. Many camera phones allow photos to be sent directly from the phone. For the best chance for your photo to be approved by our staff, be sure it shows the great weather and scenery that we have across the United States and include your name along with the location the photo was taken. Please allow up to 72 hours to see approved photos on the WeatherBug application.

Users can also view and submit photos directly through the WeatherBug desktop application. To download, visit www.weatherbug.com.

I have submitted a photo to WeatherBug. How can I view it?

Approved photos can be viewed in the Your Photos section of the WeatherBug desktop application by selecting the Camera Phone photo album. For the best chance of your photo being approved by our staff, be sure it shows the great weather and scenery found around the world, and include your name along with the location the photo was taken. Please allow up to 72 hours to see approved photos on the WeatherBug desktop application.

To download the WeatherBug desktop application, visit www.weatherbug.com.

My local station / camera keeps dropping / disappearing. Why?

Station: If your favorite station occasionally drops from WeatherBug or even the list of available stations, it could be that the station you've chosen is a "near real-time" or "nearly live" station. Near real-time or nearly live stations are operated by the National Weather Service and are often found at airports. We bring you these NWS stations in order to maximize the number of stations where you can access weather data.

Real-time stations transmit weather data constantly while near real-time only report periodically. All exclusive WeatherBug stations are real-time. If you are accessing a near real-time site, it will not appear on your station list when it is offline and WeatherBug will default to the next closest station that is online.

With over 8,000 stations in our network, there may be some problems that either cause invalid weather data or no data at all at certain stations on any given day. We have an automated system that sends faxes and emails to our Points of Contact at stations that are down. Unfortunately, we don't always know immediately what the problem is and must wait to hear from our contact to be able to determine the problem and to offer assistance. Stations accessible through WeatherBug are owned and maintained by the school or business at that location. It is rare that a station goes down permanently. We will continue to try to get this station back online.

Camera: Like our network of tracking stations, we strive to keep our over 1,000 weather cameras operating all the time. However, we do experience trouble from time to time with the cameras and need to take them offline while we address the issue. When a camera is offline, you will see the next closest camera in the Live Cameras section of the application. To download the WeatherBug desktop application, visit www.weatherbug.com.

I have a billing question. Whom do I contact?

All billing inquires should be directed to your mobile phone company's customer support.