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IT Information The WeatherBug Desktop Application is Lite, Safe & Secure

WeatherBug is not, and never has been, spyware nor adware

Adware is an application that monitors Web surfing behavior to deliver pop-up ads. Spyware is an application that "snoops" on user behavior. WeatherBug is completely incapable of tracking your overall Web use or deciphering anything on your hard drive. Furthermore, the WeatherBug desktop application has NO advertising pop-ups.

Lite on bandwidth and computer resources

The WeatherBug desktop application actually uses less bandwidth and computer resources than is required by a user visiting a Web site.

CPU Average Usage Statistics:

  • WeatherBug in System Tray (background) - .002% CPU Usage, 5.35 MB Memory
  • WeatherBug in Full Screen (foreground) - .367% CPU Usage, 6.22 MB Memory

Firewall Ports: WeatherBug, a specialized Web browser, makes http calls through Port 80.


Incoming Data Requests: The chart shows incoming bytes of data resulting from WeatherBug requests. This illustrates:

  • WeatherBug running in the foreground for 30 minutes [109,800 bytes]
  • WeatherBug running in the foreground with an incoming alert [82,089 bytes]
  • WeatherBug running in the foreground with an incoming alert while radar is being accessed (heaviest possible load) [123,020 bytes]
  • A contrast of incoming data when downloading the home page only of two popular Web sites [280,640 and 236,678 bytes respectively]
  • Less than 10 KB/s incoming is due to advertising when WeatherBug first loads to the desktop.
Adds NO internal tech support/help desk burden

The WeatherBug desktop application has been downloaded over 75 million times, and is used by tens of millions of active users each month.

The application is very stable and users almost never have technical support or help desk issues, going back over our seven years offering this free product.

Gives users access to live local weather & traffic info

The WeatherBug desktop application has over 8,000 of its own Tracking Stations and over 1,000 weather cameras, primarily based in neighborhood schools and public safety facilities across the U.S. Here is a map showing our current WeatherBug Tracking Station locations across the U.S.: